TW100018 | Twin Wire Ferrules

Our Twin Wire Ferrules are made of tin plated copper with a colorful polypropylene collar. These ferrules are manufactured in accordance with strict DIN and UL specifications.

What is a wire ferrule? A wire ferrule is a tinned copper sleeve, which is slipped over stranded wire and then crimped. This creates a solid connection for insertion into terminal block housings or various other applications. The crimped ferrule provides a sturdy connection that limits wire fraying and increases the life of the conductor.  Our ferrules are sold in packages, strips, and also in reel form.

Part #: TW100018

2 x 10.00mm² (2 x 8 AWG) | Beige

E D1 D2 L1 L2 S1
7.2mm (0.283in) 6.5mm (0.256in) 12.4mm (0.49in) 30.6mm (1.20in) 18.0mm (0.71in) 0.2mm (0.007in)

Product Spotlight

  • Electrolytically tin-plated copper with polypropylene sleeve
  • UL Approved, CE Certified, RoHS Compliant, DIN Approved
  • Maximum Electrical Rating: 105º C (221ºF) – 600 Volts
  • Clear package labeling for easy identification and re-ordering
  • Ratcheting tool with trapezoidal impression w/ 24-10AWG range

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