What's a Wire Ferrule?
A wire Ferrule is a connector used to terminate stranded wires. A wire Ferrule is normally crimped to a stranded wire using a crimping tool (compression , ratchet or pneumatic mechanism), thus turning the stranded wire into a solid one.

Wire Ferrules are offered without insulation (Uninsulated Wire Ferrules), with plastic insulation for single wires (Single Insulated Wire Ferrules) and with a plastic insulation to accommodate two wires (Twin Wire Ferrules). Wire Ferrules are also offered in Strips or Spools to be used with automatic crimping machines or multi-function crimping tools.

What is the difference in wire ferrule series?
The only difference among these three series of wire Ferrules is the COLOR of their insulation. All other physical and dimensional features are the same. Each wire Ferrule series has its own distinctive color sequence.

8 Great Reasons to Use Wire Ferrules:
Wire ferrules are available in several forms, namely: (1) Uninsulated, (2) Insulated, (3) Twin Wire, (4) Spools and Strips, (5) Short Circuit Proof, (6) Tri-Rated and (7) Write-On. They all offer the following advantages:
  1. Reliable electrical connections -- all wire strands conduct current.   
  2. No spreading of wire strands after a wire is clamped into a terminal block or other component.    
  3. No fraying of wire strands, particularly in cases where the wire is very small or is removed often from its housing for testing purposes.    
  4. No breaking of wire strands in cases of bending, wire stress or vibration.    
  5. No unwanted contacts. Ferrules eliminate the possibility that strands might accidentally touch another termination and create shorts.    
  6. Easy wire insertion in a terminal block clamp, particularly for smaller gauge wires (28 through 18AWG).    
  7. Permanent crimping of two or more wires (jumper connection) before insertion in the wire clamp (twin wire ferrules).     
  8. PLC's - Ideal for terminating wires in close proximity to each other. Eliminate possibility of glitches.

UL Certification:
Most of Miromar Single Insulated and Uninsulated wire ferrules are UL Approved. Click here to view UL's website pertaining to our wire ferrules certification.

RoHS Compliance:
Miromar wire Ferrules are produced in accordance with WEEE ROHS requirements of EC Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and EC Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (ROHS).

DIN Standards:
Miromar wire ferrules are produced in accordance with DIN (Deutsches Institut fr Normung) Standards 46228-4.

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