Wire Ferrules

Our Wire Ferrules range in size from 26 AWG to 750MCM and are manufactured in accordance to strict DIN and UL standards. We offer the three industry standard series which are labeled as: Series W, Series D, and Series T. The only difference among these three series is the color of their insulation. Each series has its own distinctive color sequence, while all the other features (material, dimensions, etc.) remain the same.

Our part numbers are designed for easy identification as displayed in the diagram above. Use the search bar at the top of the chart to narrow down the ferrules by the specific wire AWG that you require. Only the key information is listed in the chart for an at-a-glance selection. PDF drawings, pictures, and complete product dimensions and information is available by clicking the various links in the chart.


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Insulated Wire Ferrules
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Twin Wire Ferrules


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