FD1300X3 | Combination Mini Wire Cutter, Stripper and Crimper

We proudly offer three of our most popular tools as a combination set: the FD1300X3! Wire termination as simple as 1...2...3! These three tools create a seamless wire termination process from start to finish. They are the perfect size for any application and fit nicely in a tool compartment, or even your pocket.

Product Spotlight

  • Set of three:
    • With your FD1311 cutting tool in hand, simply cut your wiring to the desired length
    •  Next up, select the FD1301 stripping tool for easy removal of the sheathing
    • Finally, you complete the termination using the FD1321 tool for Insulated Terminals
  • Clear package labeling for easy identification and re-ordering


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FD1311 Mini Cutter – Maximum cutting size: 3.2mm²
Ergonomically designed for ease of operation.