Mushroom Head Push Buttons

Part #SizeType of Contact# of ContactsColor
XE22-1/C-GN22mm 1/C 1Green
XE22-1/C-RD22mm 1/C 1Red
XE22-1/C-YL22mm 1/C 1Yellow
XE22-1/C-BK22mm 1/C 1Black
XE22-1C-BL22mm 1/C 1Blue
XE22-1C-WH22mm 1/C 1White
XE30-1/C-GN30mm 1/C 1Green
XE30-1/C-RD30mm 1/C 1Red
XE30-1/C-YL30mm 1/C 1Yellow
XE30-1/C-BK30mm 1/C 1Black
XE30-1C-BL30mm 1/C 1Blue
XE30-1C-WH30mm 1/C 1White
GEB22-1/C-GN22mm 1/C 1Green
GEB22-1/C-RD22mm 1/C 1Red
GEB22-1/C-YL22mm 1/C 1Yellow
GEB22-1/C-BK22mm 1/C 1Black
GEB22-1C-BL22mm 1/C 1Blue
GEB22-1C-WH22mm 1/C 1White
LXE22-1/C-GN22mm 1/C 1Green
LXE22-1/C-RD22mm 1/C 1Red
LXE22-1/C-YL22mm 1/C 1Yellow
LXE22-1C-BL22mm 1/C 1Blue
LXE22-1C-WH22mm 1/C 1White