Illuminated Twist Knob Switches

Part #SizeType of Contact# of ContactsPositionColor
SL22-1/O-24-BL22mm 1/O 10-1 Blue
SL22-1O/C-24-BL22mm 1O/C 21-2Blue
SL223-2/O-24-BL22mm 2/O 21-0-2 Blue
SL22-1/O-24-GN22mm 1/O 10-1 Green
SL22-1O/C-24-GN22mm 1O/C 21-2Green
SL223-2/O-24-GN22mm 2/O 21-0-2 Green
SL22-1/O-24-RD22mm 1/O 10-1 Red
SL22-1O/C-24-RD22mm 1O/C 21-2Red
SL223-2/O-24-RD22mm 2/O 21-0-2 Red
SL22-1/O-24-YL22mm 1/O 10-1 Yellow
SL22-1O/C-24-YL22mm 1O/C 21-2Yellow
SL223-2/O-24-YL22mm 2/O 21-0-2 Yellow
SL22-1/O-BL22mm 1/O 10-1 Blue
SL22-1O/C-BL22mm 1O/C 21-2Blue
SL223-2/O-BL22mm 2/O 21-0-2 Blue
SL22-1/O-GN22mm 1/O 10-1 Green
SL22-1O/C-RD22mm 1O/C 21-2Green
SL223-2/O-GN22mm 2/O 21-0-2 Green
SL22-1/O-RD22mm 1/O 10-1 Red
SL22-1O/C-RD22mm 1O/C 21-2Red
SL223-2/O-RD22mm 2/O 21-0-2 Red
SL22-1/O-YL22mm 1/O 10-1 Yellow
SL22-1O/C-YL22mm 1O/C 21-2Yellow
SL223-2/O-YL22mm 2/O 21-0-2 Yellow